3 Reasons Why She Will Not Go With You On A Date

This is for all those guys out there who don’t even have an idea why they are constantly being rejected by a girl. If you really want to land on a date, it’s time to realize what is wrong and start changing yourself. Girls are quite particular with their partners. It’s either you don’t have the qualities that they are looking for or simply put… you are not extending any effort. Women don’t want guys who make them feel unimportant. What’s the point of dating a girl if you don’t intend to love her?

Assuming that you are after a serious relationship with the girl you are about to date, here are some “must-knows” for guys who are completely oblivious to their flaws.

She has no idea that you are courting her.

Girls can be naive too, especially those who are quite close to guys. If you are planning to court your best friend, the first thing you have to do is clarify what you feel towards her. Do not rush things. An immediate change of your treatment towards her might scare the girl to the extent that she would choose not to go with you on a date.

Slowly reveal your feelings to her and do not add pressure on her shoulders. Remember that in the first place, she thought you were just a friend. She might feel betrayed with your prompt declaration of love since she expected you to value your friendship. You need to be honest about everything. Reassure her that whatever her decision will be, your friendship will remain the same.

You are too unique for her taste.

Okay, your approach might be way too weird. You frighten her and she thinks you are a pervert and you might eat her alive. Sorry for the procrastination but before you attempt to even talk to a girl, check yourself in the mirror first. Indeed, looks don’t matter in a relationship but they do play a vital part in making first impressions.

Don’t shock her with a direct invitation on a date. Get to know her first. You can bring her some fascinating flowers or buy her some chocolates to erase her bitterness against you. This is not solely for her purpose but also for you to examine closely if she is indeed worthy of your time. Talk to her friends and discover what she is fond of. This will help you determine if you are actually compatible with each other. Compatibility is an important thing to consider if you want things between you to work out.

She’s not ready to go in a relationship.

If you have used up all your hidden gimmicks just to make her say “yes” on a date but the answer is always negative, there must be something wrong with her. Involve her in a serious conversation and ask her if you absolutely have no chance of winning her heart. Be straight to the point, going around in circles will only prolong your agony. If she assures you that you are a good guy but instantly provides you with meaningless alibis, no doubt, she is just not ready for a relationship. For all you know, the previous guy who has courted her might have broken her heart into pieces and she is not yet finished fixing them back together. In short, she has still not moved on. She still needs time and space to recover what she has lost before she could give you the love that you deserve.

Women, in general, are very complicated. It takes time and patience to completely understand them. Be constant in your effort of showing her your love. Soon, without you knowing it, she will eventually agree to your most awaited date.