5 Online Dating Tips for Men

Online Dating is very popular today and I have several friends in long term relationships and even married that met online. People like it because it simply works. Now just because it simply works doesn’t mean that you do not have to work at it. Dating online or off takes effort. You may find yourself spending an hour after dinner online instead of watching TV for example. Here are 5 tips to help you out.

1) There is a big learning curve with dating. For example men want to date but an initial email suggesting coffee or a drink will probably go ignored. You need to bounce a few emails first, usually talk or text on the phone, and then hopefully meet. Some women do not want to meet anyone so if you are getting nowhere move on.

2) With so many sites it can be confusing. I suggest you start with 2 or 3 and find which ones you like. I’d certainly consider Match.com, Plenty of Fish, and OKCupid to be in the 1st tier and you could do worse than to start there.

3) Your profile is critically important. Most women read your profile before they decide whether to even read your email or not. You do not want your profile to contain the same old “I work hard and I play hard” that everyone else writes. Look at some profiles other men write (under a pseudonym if you’d like) and make yours different. No list of things as we men like. Feelings, passions, and the like work.

4) Always mention something personal in the first message, preferably in a funny joking way if possible, but definitely mention something. Otherwise she’ll think you sent the same message to 100s of women (and you probably will have). And no compliments on physical beauty as they simply do not work.

5) If you send 10 messages for every reply, you are doing well. Some of the women will be not interested, some may be overloaded with a hundred messages and simply can’t read never mind respond to them, and some women may have moved on and aren’t even looking at messages anymore. It is a numbers game.

You can wait a couple days and send a friendly message to a woman that didn’t answer, That is absolutely OK and can work.

These are the absolute basics. Wish I knew them 18 months ago when I started!