Are You Really in Tune With What Your Heart is Telling You?

There have been many songs written and poems published all lamenting the “one that got away.” Perhaps you’ve come to that fork in the road where you realize someone you used to be very close too still occupies a place in your heart that has never been touched by anyone else. Maybe you were younger and tended to have a roving eye. As time has gone on you realize that you may have lost out on what could have been the love of your life, certainly time has passed but there is no need to think the sands of time in the hour glass have completed their journey.

Your first step is to make sure you really are in tune with what your heart is telling you. If you really have matured and are ready for the responsibility of fully committing to the relationship this time then you can move forward. Making the same mistake could cost you losing out altogether. Approaching a new relationship with an old love you’ll be able to think more clearly this time around.

Before you begin your pursuit make sure they are not involved with someone. Chances are that too much time has gone by and they may not view the loss as tragic as you do. You may be alone in thinking they were your one true love. A ghost from the past would only disrupt the life they have now. By all means don’t go in ready to break up someone else relationship or marriage.

Just because you meant something to each other in the past does not mean that emotion carried over into the present for both of you. Time has a way of changing all of us. You certainly are not the same people in love that you were years ago. You can’t recreate what used to be.

If you do find there is a chance for the love to be regained then you should continue to win them back. Make sure you take things slow. It could be a shock to their emotions for you to show up unexpectedly wanting things to be as they used to be. Don’t appear obsessed with the idea. Get to know each other all over again.

You are two very different people now. Don’t bring up the past continually. You must move forward into a new future together. The past cannot be relived. No one is able to go back in time despite the desire to. Seize today! Make the most of what your current old love has to give.