Busting The Myths Of Online Dating – Part 1

One of the things you will come to learn in your Online Dating experience is that the Internet is a wonderful place to masquerade as someone else. In so many scenarios this self-misrepresentation is virtually harmless but when it relates to Online Dating it’s a completely different deal. If you consider the reasons why you would even begin the journey of seeking a relationship online, why on earth would you even consider creating a false impression? The fact is though, many people do!

Profile presentation is absolutely critical, as I have suggested before. This is the main reason that members of Online Dating sites fabricate or stretch the truth. Often it is difficult to pick the truth from the fiction so I am going to address some of the myths in order to give you a little more perspective when browsing.

How Tall Are You?

It was found in a recent study of Online Dating profiles by OkCupid.com that for some inexplicable reason a large percentage of males actually stretch (no pun intended) the facts when detailing their height. It’s a cracker really because it’s one of those things you can’t hide forever, unless you have a wardrobe full of platform shoes! The study I referred to initially set out to discover whether taller guys have more sex. In collating the results it was found that a high percentage of males actually like to add a couple of inches. Wouldn’t we all! From my discussions with the fairer sex I think they would prefer for those additional inches to appear elsewhere, but that’s another topic altogether.

It was found that those males who were in reality around the 5′ 8″ mark typically adjusted their height to be closer to six feet. In some cases the gain was as high as four inches. Evidently the girls have a tendency to grow a little also, so the findings weren’t just embraced by the guys alone. It was noted that the girls were less inclined to reach a benchmark height like the guys had with the famed six-foot ideal. The question of whether it makes sense to extend the truth in this matter relates primarily to the notion that taller guys attract more women. I couldn’t confirm or deny this paradox with any degree of certainty but I can state that most women I have discussed the issue with suggest they prefer a man to be taller than they are. I’m sure they have their reasons!

One glaringly relevant fact that arose from the study was that shorter women get more attention and receive more messages. On average a 5’4′ woman will receive 60 more hits or messages a year than a woman of 6’0″ in height. I think this relates more to the fact that guys like girls to be shorter than they are. Perhaps it’s a subconscious thing but next time you’re out in public and you see a variety of couples getting around, take a look for yourself. I think you will find I’m right! Another related fact is that women receive more unsolicited contact from men than the other way around.

Whatever your personal thoughts on the issue the facts born out of the study suggest that women six feet or taller are either less appealing to men of or perhaps considered too intimidating to contact. It was also found that the taller women were in fact more likely to sleep with a man who does approach them. For all of the guys out there, this is a revelation that should adjust your line of thought when considering which potential members to contact. Simply put, you have a better chance with a taller girl. The study concluded that even though the taller women were contacted around 65% less often, they actually had more sexual partners.

Exaggerated Incomes

Another of the myths that deserves some exploration is that of income. The same study found that members of Online Dating sites are in fact 20% poorer than they report themselves to be. It went as far as too suggest that the online daters imagination “was the best performing mutual fund of the past 10 years”. Funny stuff! It was found that the older we get them more we are likely to exaggerate our personal worth. Members seem to regularly promote disproportionately high incomes. It was noted that there are consistently four times the number of people earning $100 thousand a year than was actually correct.

Where a woman may earn 76 cents on the dollar for the same or similar job as a man she has no hesitation in fabricating a number of 85 cents or higher in some cases. The income of an individual is a key issue in relation to one’s Online Dating experience, especially it would seem for men. If you’re a young male and don’t earn a great income, no real issue. For those over the age of 23 though who don’t earn a respectable salary your chances of success decline alarmingly. So, what’s the best advice to come from this? Get an education and a good job quick! It really does seem to be critical. I guess as the cliché stereotypical profile suggests, males are still seen to be the providers and as such seemingly need to be so in order to attract a mate. For this reason alone it’s not hard to see why people exaggerate their level of income.