Dating Over 50 – Do’s and Don’ts – Be ‘Picky’ But Be Realistic

Here’s another good tip that’s geared toward those of us dating over 50.

When you have met people and decided to go out on dates with them, you need to remember that you are allowed to be ‘picky’ or set high standards for them, but at the same time you should be realistic about your expectations, and not expect more than what is possible.

In this way, you can find someone who meets your standards, but even if they are not the ‘perfect’ man, you will not be disappointed, but will remind yourself that they are human and that all humans have their flaws, and it is simply a matter of whether you can accept those flaws or not.

You also need to remember that at your age there probably isn’t a man who can meet every single expectation that you may have or live up to all of your high standards. While this does not mean that you should now go and accept any man who comes your way regardless of whether or not he meets your standards, it does mean that you should leave just a little bit of a margin for faults that he may have.

Being realistic also means that you should be true to yourself and decide whether you should decline a certain date just because he cannot meet a certain expectation you have that may be a bit hard to live up to (perhaps you want a man who is as strong or as clever as your former spouse was) these kinds of expectations are just too hard to meet and you will almost definitely run into disappointment at every turn.