Do Pick Up Lines Work For Mature Men and Women?

Now, if you’ve been on this planet for any amount of time, you know what pick up lines are… But if you’re out of your 20s, and really looking into women who are themselves successful, career women (as opposed to girls)… You want to know how lines apply to women at this age.

Most people will tell you that pick-up-lines don’t work with anything except young women. Is this true? Well, kinda.

You see, older women have been approached many times during their lifespan with all kinds of cliche lines, so you would think they’d frown over hearing them one more time? Right?

And the answer is YES, they would… If, done by your average Joe Schmuck. I assure you that you can give me the lamest, dumbest, cheesiest line and I could go deliver it at the most mature woman and end up having a nice fun conversation with her.

Now… I don’t actually use pick up lines (because they’re not ideal), but I do recommend to guys that they try them out for a while. Why?

Because, see, if you can walk up to a mature, experience woman, deliver a cliche, stupid line and get away with it, then you can get away with anything! So you can actually use stupid pick-up-lines as a sort of a learning clutch.

And what are you learning? You’re learning how to approach and come across as a sexual, calibrated, mature man. You are so attractive, that even saying the dumbest thing doesn’t matter. You don’t believe me, you think its all about the words? Well, imagine Brad Pitt walking up to a girl and saying a cheesy stupid line. Will she frown, or will she laugh and pat him on the arm? Yep, she’ll love it.

You can get the “Brad Pitt effect” without being Brad Pitt… All you gotta do is focus on 3 things:

1) Calibration

Don’t run out of nowhere and startle a random woman. What you want to do is give her advance notice. Glance her way a few times until she catches your eyes, and have this huge smile on your face, flirt with your eyes. Now, unless she gives you an immediate “not interested” look away thing… You’re free to approach her now (especially if she glances back a few more times)

2) Put on your best James Bond attitude.

Walk and gesture like you are the king of the world. Not in a conceited way, just be confident and feel like you’re on top of the world. Put on a huge smile on your face, and pretend like she’s a long-lost friend you’re about to great.

3) Walk up to her, catch her eye before you say anything, having that huge friendly smile, and as she looks up at you and smiles, this is when you say something.

You can now deliver the cheesy line. She’s likely to laugh at the line. IMPORTANT: Deliver the line with an attitude of like “I’m just messing around, here’s a stupid line, hahaha”. Almost like you’re making a parody of cheesy stupid lines.

If you do all of this right, she’s likely to smile, and pat you on the arm, and start flirting with you. So practice this until you’re able to get a good reception, no matter how stupid the line is. That’s when you know you’ve mastered the 3 steps that make or break an approach. Its not the words, its YOU, its how you do it, allowing your true self to shine through.