Eleven Tell-Tale Signs That You Have Fallen In-Love With Your Best Friend

They say that men and women cannot be ‘just friends’. You realize that this is a little bit true when he entered into the picture.

These are some indicators that platonic relationship is a myth.

Communication is constant

A day would not go without you texting each other. Most nights you wait for the unplanned calls just to talk about anything and everything that happened during the day. His text messages make you giddy and excited all the same.

No room for judgment in the relationship

Since you spend a lot of time talking, you can freely share thoughts and bad decisions without being judged. He may sometimes call you out for being stupid, but he never said that you could not do it better.

You both feel comfortable

It means that you act like an old married couple, who have seen the worst look you could muster and the occasional bad odor. He does not mind, at all.

You think the same

Remember the times you finish each other’s sentences? Yes, you are thinking of the same thing. It is not surprising considering the extended phone calls and hours of coffee hangouts.

Both of you are close with each other’s family

You have met the rest of the his family. He brings you to dinners and family celebrations as his date. Sadly, he introduced you to his parents as his friend.

They are the first person to talk to when something bad or good happens

He is the one you turn to when you got accepted in the dream job and when you got promoted. He is also the first (and sometimes only) person, who knows the bad news.

You are each other’s cheerleader

Nothing like a good hug can cheer you up when you feel like the world is against you. He doesn’t even have to console you with encouraging words. His presence is enough.

Their happiness matters (a lot)

You suddenly become selfless. His happiness has climbed on top of the priority list. There is this feeling that he should always be happy. Things that upset him bother you as well.

Jealous feelings

“Who is that girl he was with the other night?”

You convince yourself that it does not matter. But, just end up hating her and giving the best friend a cold shoulder.

Malice in hugs

A friendly hug is no longer friendly. This is a clear indication that you want more than friendship with him.

You see a future with him

You caught yourself daydreaming your wedding day and mini people running around. Can you tell how hard you’ve fallen, dear friend?

All that is needed is to DTR or to define the relationship or the lack thereof.