He’s Smitten With You

As women we can’t help to think about the future especially when we click and connect with someone. Don’t know if it has to do with us being emotional or the chick-flick movies in which portray a love story that seems too good to be true. There are many women that are hopeless romantics and can’t help but play out their lives with someone that can be “the one”. Then again, there is nothing like meeting someone and having those butterflies in which you can only hope never go away- but lets face it we all know that it will; unless it’s true and unconditional love (I mean that’s the hopeless romantic in me… lol).

The one thing about guys is that if they like you and want something of substance with you they will make it known. Don’t be fooled, actions speak louder than words. They will do whatever it takes to make you their girlfriend once they know they have a keeper. It’s easier for them not to get overly consumed with a woman unless she has made an impression. Women tend to settle more than men, so when a man shows you interest it’s because they truly are smitten.

Here are a few signs he might be ready to throw in the towel and terminate that online dating profile and make you his girl:

He sends you daily “good morning” and “good night” texts.

o Nothing like having someone on your mind the minute you go to wake up and go to sleep. The excitement of letting you know makes it known that you are definitely on his mind and he wants you to know it.

He calls you mid day just to see how your day is going

o Think about it, nowadays it’s so much easier to hide behind a phone and text then to actually pick up the phone and see how someone is actually doing. No matter how busy his day is he just wants to hear your sweet voice to make his day. The relationship is actually moving forward in the right direction when communication is being exposed.

He talks to his friends about you and how great he thinks you are

o Calling his friends the night after your date to let them know that it went exceptionally well and that he can’t wait to see you again. True friends are the ones that want to genuinely see you happy so once the “I can’t wait for you to meet her” comes out of his mouth you know you are special and he wants you to be part of his life.

He sends you flowers

o The little things are what matter most. Nothing like receiving flowers the day after your date saying “Had a great 1st date, can’t wait to see you soon”. You were still on his mind when he made that call to the florist and if you wouldn’t have made an impression the flowers would have never made their way to you.

He makes plans to see you on weekends

o It’s easy to make plans with anyone during the week, but you know you are special when you are making plans to see each other on the weekend. You are one step closer to being exclusive when weekends are being spent with you.

He texts you throughout the day

o Nothing like getting text messages that say “hope your day is going well”, “thinking about you”, “looking forward to talking later” and texting with emoticons takes away the edge and adds the flirtiness that brings a smile to your face.

He goes out of his way to do things that you know are “out of the way”

o He doesn’t need to go out of his way for anyone and you and I both know that it’s easier not to. You mean something to him when he wants to do something for you like picking you up when it’s not on the way or something that requires a bit more effort that otherwise didn’t.

Treats you like the princess that you are

o His chivalrous ways come easy to him. He opens doors, picks up the bill and respectfully lets you lead the way when it comes to that first kiss.

He’s willing to take it slow

o If a guy is thinking long term, he won’t pressure you into having sex. He will definitely try, but he will not get offended if you don’t give in as soon as the move is made to get you in the sac. He will respect your feelings and if he truly has good intentions he will know that it will happen when the time is right. Nothing wrong with taking it slow and seeing and what bases you get to without hitting that homerun- nothing wrong with a little foreplay.

He’s talking about taking future trips

o He’s not rushing to talk about what style ring you like, but he is talking about the future and the trips you guys will take. Making future travel plans lets you know that he wants you to stick around for a while and wants to build memories with you. He genuinely sees a future with you and can’t wait to explore and build those memories together.

If you feel the same as he is making you feel, when it comes to the things listed above, you might have won the love lottery… lol. Nothing like finally having a guy that sees your worth.