Secrets to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams For Marriage Even If You Are Not Rich or Handsome

The human is made for partnership and relationship; even the Holy Book of Christians confirmed it in the book of Genesis 2:18, that “it is not good for a man to be alone… ” This in actual fact forms the basis for human’s yearn for relationship, especially relationship with the opposite sex, since the opposite gender is the befitting life partner for the man or the woman.

From time immemorial, both the man and the woman develop attraction for each other and such attraction is fundamental and central to their love relationships. Several factors can be responsible for development of such attraction, ranging from physical appearance of the other person to his/her economic stability and other traits related to behaviours and conducts.

The woman may not have problem attracting the man if she is the beautiful, attractive and mentally matured type with a touch of good upbringing. The man on the other hand does not find things so easy. The man may have girls flocking around him if he is handsome, physically fit and financially buoyant. This in a way puts men not having all or some of the features mentioned above at a disadvantage.

Be that as it may, you can still attract hot and successful female partners even if you are not as physically fit and muscular as Rich Froning Jr. or as rich as Evan Spiegel or as handsome as Omar Borkan Al Gala. This write up is put together to teach you how to bring your dream of striking a long lasting relationship with a successful partner to reality.

What do you want? The first step is to know exactly the qualities you want in that lady. Make a list and stay glued to your list. However, do not be too rigid with the list’s contents; some flexibility will be good considering the fact that no one is perfect. While being flexible with your considerations, you should insist on some non negotiable factors too. Do you just want a successful partner or a successful and beautiful damsel? Never forget these considerations.

Where do you go? Where you visit goes a long way to determine what you get. Mix with the successful and your chance of attracting successful ladies will be higher. Your place of work, your place of relaxation and such things determine if you are able to meet successful women or not. Many successful women are very busy during the week, but they spare time for fun and relaxation mostly during the weekends.

One of the places they frequent during weekends is the gym. They need to keep fit and they usually visit the gym during weekends to achieve this goal. Registering at a gym will not cost you an arm and a leg and it is a sure fire way to meet many successful women. Do not forget that attraction development between you and them begins with meeting and communicating with them.

What do you have? A woman loves her man to be handsome, attractive, muscular and have financial security. Most successful women on the other hand look beyond these things. They love men with brain and those men who demonstrate mental superiority. They love a man who can challenge them mentally and contribute meaningfully to a conversation and who can keep conversations going in the most interesting and engaging manners. She is almost always busy and she wants her man to make her laugh and happy during the little time she has for such “frivolities”. A funny man who can communicate intelligently will therefore score very high on her attraction scale.

What do you think of her career? A successful woman had dedicated, is dedicating and will continue to dedicate her life and time to her career. She will of course want her man to do the same. She gets easily attracted to a man that respects her career and knows one or two things about her career. She will be tempted most times to bring her career into discussions and she will appreciate a man that does not look lost when she brings such up. While she may not expect you to know everything about everything, she would love you to know something about everything, especially about her career. She will therefore find you the perfect discussion partner when she gets bored or disturbed or just wants to pipe down some.

Do you have a life? While the successful woman may be more particular about your disposition and intelligence than your economic prowess, she will love a man that has a life. She wants to be identified with a man that has a job and takes life serious, even if he is neither extremely handsome nor stinkingly rich. She is serious about life and will never feel a thing for an un-serious fellow without a life or focus. She may not care much how rich or handsome you are, but she will care so much on how focused you are on your goals and aspirations in life.

Be yourself: The best favour you can ever do yourself is to be yourself. Most successful women are very intelligent and they can easily detect a pretender and liar. They easily get attracted to men who are genuine and confident, rather than pretenders who use pickup lines.