The Best Way To Prove A Guy Is Compatible With You

So you’ve met a guy or perhaps there’s a few on your roster – that’s the way to do it. Anyway you’re attracted to one guy in particular, so you don’t need to assess if there is a physical attraction or perhaps even an emotional one on your part because you know it already. The thing is, if you want to seduce this guy a big part of your success in doing that is determined by whether or not he is into you, whether or not you push his buttons and finally what this article is mainly about and that is if in fact he makes the grade.

Women need to date more like how men do. Men are more logical in their approach to dating than women tend to be. After deciding if you actually want to get to know this guy – you actually need to get to know him! So many women think they are getting to know the men they date but all they are getting to know is the front he is putting on just like the front that you are putting on. But the difference is, he is all over your front and intends to peel back the layers as fast as possible by doing what? By letting you talk.

Talking builds trust. That is why men shut their mouths and let the women spill out everything. It doesn’t usually take long for this to happen, so a guy not only very quickly gauges what kind of a woman you are – someone like someone he has dated before, but builds trust in you and then brings you down like a house on fire the moment he gets in between your legs.

The truth hurts hey?

You need to turn this situation on it’s head and open the guy up as much as possible while playing your cards very close to your chest. You don’t have to be blatant about this, Trust me it never works with men because they are the masters of trying to make you feel like you are wrong or crazy so they can get in your pants. You simply need to understand that all men are boys who are in over sized bodies. You need to find out everything about this man that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that he is compatible with you and isn’t another cocky upstart who is feigning manhood.