The Right Way To Use Online Dating That Gets What You Want

I hear women complain about guys who they meet online.

They call the guys “predators”, “perverts”, “losers”, and “freaks” and it’s understandable as to why.

We think that being on the internet may be an easy way to meet people. But it’s not true. It is so easy to lie and photoshop their images, or even use someone else’s identity online, it is almost pointless to meet someone, particularly a stranger through online dating.

Why struggle through the hard times by hoping you’d click with a stranger online when you can meet other people in the real world? By meeting someone in the real world, you will know instantly whether or not there’s attraction and it can cement a bond for your relationship a lot faster than online instant messaging and social media.

But that isn’t to say, never use the internet again. Start meeting people in the real world and then turn it to passion and love through all forms of communication, call, text, social media, email, and even write letters if you are a romantic person. That’s how it works.

Just ask yourself, how many women do you know who actually met a good guy who became their husbands through online dating? And how many women you know have shown you how disastrous it sometimes can be when they meet up to find the man is a lying jerk and psychopath? I know several. It’s too risky.

The best way is to start in the real world, then if things are going well, you can communicate through the digital world.

The best and safest aspect of meeting someone in the real world is, first, you know if there is an established mutual connection before meeting. If you go out and meet someone, you have an idea about their background. If you meet a person at a volunteering event, you can physically prove by observing whether he’s popular, and social with the group. Compare the safety of physical proof versus the outright lies, secrets withheld and any possible exaggerations of an online profile.

So think about meeting someone physically first, then you can move your relationship digitally after a few brief contacts. While you still don’t know enough about him to know if he’s a potential match, you can find out more by talking or emailing and ask some important questions. Make use of both the digital and the real world and you’re more likely to find someone who’s going to be a fit. So to meet a man, you start offline. And then you asking questions online so you don’t waste time and money on traveling, dressing up, and lunches or movies. But make sure you don’t interrogate him, be natural. But if his view on important issues is intolerable to you, there’s no a match. Better know now and have done it online than after spending more time exploring and arguing physically.

It is too difficult to know if a person you meet online is honest. But it is very easy to tell and feel if someone is shady if you look at them physically. Just spend more than a few minutes and you will learn and know. Just dismiss the non-fits as freaks, jerks or losers, and you will be on your way to find a real man.

As a way to improve yourself and be a better woman, ask yourself why did you attract those creeps to you? If you don’t learn the lesson, you’ll keep getting more of the same until you do. So better sit down and ask yourself, “What did I learn from the encounter?”