Ukrainian Woman: Characteristics and Peculiarities

When people buy a food processor, they want it to cook the dough for baking, crush meat, squeeze juice, and many other functions. They also want it not to rust and always be as good as new. If it were possible, then it would be great if it washes!

The Ukrainian woman is like a food processor: she is versatile, yet manages to look good and not to grow old. This article provides TOP 10 advantages the Ukrainian women have.

  1. Self-care. The Ukrainian woman looks after herself. This is an integral part of her daily regimen. In addition, in Ukraine, the hairdresser service costs about $10. In Western countries, feminism and emancipation are not empty words. The European woman does not bother herself with the idea to keep fit and to be attractive. She will choose a husband what she wants because in Europe women are fewer than men. At the same time, the European man must take care of himself, be skilled, earn well, and provide the desired standard of living for his second half.
  2. Self-criticism. She is too self-critical. This is not because of the inferiority complex, but because of high standards. If she says she looks “terrible”, it means she is apologizing for not looking divinely, and all the while awaiting confirmation from her man that she is still loved and attractive. He might not even notice those extra kilograms! It is, therefore, very important if he assures her she is still very beautiful.
  3. Cordon bleu. She cooks well and a lot. At first glance, it may seem there is the food cult in the culture. The Ukrainian woman considers her sacred duty to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, using a high quality, fresh food. In America, for example, women prefer to save time so they cook semi – finished products. This food is not always of a good quality and certainly not good for the health.
  4. Clean habits. The Ukrainian woman cannot live in a dirty apartment. It seems that it is in her DNA always leave the house cleaned. Moreover, she almost never considers the option to hire a housemaid. There are two reasons for that: she cannot afford it financially or she cannot let another woman from outside to clean her house.
  5. Parenting on her own. She is used to bringing up children on her own. She does not force a father to participate in this process. To hire a nanny is not often the option. She cannot allow someone strange to bring up her children.
  6. Faithfulness. The Ukrainian woman is faithful by nature; she does not cheat. She is family-oriented. In a marriage, she is always there for her husband, caring, supportive, and emphatic. Home means the world to her.
  7. A good domestic psychologist. She is a good listener. The Ukrainian wife can be a psychologist at home, so her husband does not need to pay somebody else for being heard. A husband can pay back using love, attention, and romance. In recent years, many American men complain about their women because they are not as warm and sensual as women from Russia and Ukraine! Many men wonder why there is such a steep difference in the attitude. Russians and Ukrainians are really sensual, feminine, and unique in their characteristics and perception of the world.
  8. Sport-oriented. Though this idea is not new, however, sport plays an important role in the life of a modern Ukrainian woman, because she realizes her health and good look depend on it. To be healthy and well-groomed is her priority.
  9. Career-oriented. The Ukrainian woman, doing all of the above-listed things, finds time to work and earn money. She does her best at work, moves up the career ladder, gets a reputation among colleagues, and participates in corporate events.
  10. Forgiveness. She has an amazing capacity to forgive mistakes. When her husband due to the job loss sinks into a depression, she supports him morally and sometimes she gets a job to support the whole family. As can be seen from the above, the Ukrainian woman is a reliable partner for any man. The union with such a woman is able to last happily and for a long time. In the world, there are many stereotypes about Ukrainian girls. This article states about their differences, peculiarities, and uniqueness.