What Would Be the Worst Things That Could Happen On Your First Date (For First Daters)

You glance at the mirror checking out the beautiful lady, then realized it was you. After hours of fussing in your bedroom, you are finally ready to go on your very first serious date. All dressed up, the night is just promising as the lucky guy is someone you only dreamt of before.

Suddenly, Prince Charming turned out to be a toad.

Plan changes during the night

Since it is the first date, you bought a beautiful dress suited for the art exhibit and dinner he said he prepared. But, he suddenly change the plans for the night (at the last minute possible) and opted instead to have a basketball game. You are now dealing with your dress and a pair of high heels walking on a flight of stairs on the grandstand. To top it all off, the crowd was rowdy. Can you spell disaster?

Force you to do something more

For a person to force you to do something you don’t want is wrong, even on your 50th date. If your date pushes you to things you are not comfortable with, then you are up for something catastrophic. Watch out for these dating red flags to avoid situations that you don’t want yourself in. You should always be firm and never be afraid to say no.

Food poisoning

Can you imagine yourself in the shoes of Lillian from the 2011 epic movie Bridesmaid, sitting on the road while wearing a wedding gown because you took a dump on your dress? This may be an exaggerated scenario. But, it is not impossible from happening on the first date, especially if you go eat in a sketchy restaurant. If things go this way be honest with your date to save you from the horrendous incident. This may become a good laughing stock when you end up together.

They are rude

A bad date may be caused by a rude or ill-tempered date. He may be disrespectful to servers or will always have something bad to say about the food or the service. Why did you even bother to have the date there if it has awful service? You only want to have a good time and maybe get to know each other. His constant ranting can totally put off a supposed perfect evening.

Cringe-worthy silence

You have this big expectation that you will hit it right off the bat with your date. Like always, reality bites off hard. You and your date are engulfed by such silence that all you hear are the chirping crickets.

As if the awkwardness of going out with a ‘stranger’ is not nerve wracking enough, his attitude is and behavior even turned the evening into your worst ever.