Why Every Woman Loves a Rose

It’s natural for a man to question why women love roses. They easily wilt and die, then basically cost an arm and a leg. They are indeed trivial gifts… only if you don’t dig deeper. The truth is, women don’t judge based on physical appearances but in what is beneath the surface. A simple rose can speak to a woman’s heart. It really doesn’t matter if you bought it from a flower shop or merely plucked it from your backyard, as long as you are seriously genuine with your gift.

The saying “It’s the thought that counts” is very much true to women. Lavish gifts are nothing if you are not sincere with what you feel. Ladies love the idea that you spent cash on something ephemeral that will generate a guaranteed smile. Don’t ever think that your money is put to waste. You gave her happiness and that is something priceless.

Here’s a peek at why girls love roses.

They are the reflection of her soul

Similar to roses, women are and always have been ethereal and delicate. They undergo a lot of changes in their body and one of which is childbirth. But despite these overwhelming adjustments, she is still able to conquer and blossom.

What makes a woman beautiful is her strength amidst challenges. Although filled with thorns, a rose remains to be fascinating as ever. Its thorns are actually what make it more appealing, a gem within devastation. It takes a real man to truly understand a woman. She is a complex entity that requires a patient heart.

They make her feel “special”

Roses are testimonies of love and giving them is like sharing a part of your heart. A woman has a dire need to feel appreciated. By the moment you make her feel special, she will cherish its memory forever because it’s not every day that she will be able to encounter a man who knows how to love a woman.

They make everything better

Just a display of an exquisite bouquet of roses can immediately brighten a room. They give off a transient moment of bliss that serenades a woman’s heart. It’s like listening to a soothing song that symbolizes your affection towards her. Roses keep the romance alive. They give ladies the assurance that everything will be better because you’ll always be there for her.

Even just for once in her life, a woman deserves to receive roses. She is beautiful and one of a kind. The only way to compliment her best is through an equal ethereal bloom – roses.